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Events: InBOX - The Email Event

INBOX: The Messaging Industry Event

May 31 - June 1, 2007
San Jose Marriott, San Jose, CA

Is your email system as healthy as it can be? At INBOX 2007, you'll learn how to invigorate your organization's email lifeblood … solve your biggest headaches … create and operate the best email system for your business … ensure the vitality of your organization.

INBOX is the cornerstone event for the exploding messaging workplace - bringing together business, IT, vendor and industry pioneers. More than a current-crisis-of-the-day event, INBOX will help you examine the problems, options, costs, revenues and optimal solutions across the whole email backbone of your business.

Email has been and will continue to be the core communicative media of the Internet. Business and IT decision-makers need purchasing guidance now more than ever. INBOX 2007 is the only industry event that connects the dots.

In just two days, you'll get a rock-solid email system you can count on. INBOX is an all-inclusive conference that looks far, wide and deep into the issues confronting you in managing, securing and responsibly using email in your business.

The INBOX 2007 Conference Program will cover:

Messaging, Collaboration, Social Media

The majority of enterprises associate email as a component of their electronic communications environment.

  • The "changing face" of messaging - text, audio, video
  • Social media and its role within the messaging environment
  • Enterprise decision drivers
  • Industry roadmaps

Security, Privacy, Compliance

Threats to and management of the messaging environment has become a cornerstone of business decisions.

  • The new explosion of spam in email, IM, blogs and other media
  • New industry and legislative rulings and their impact
  • eDiscovery
  • Messaging and records management
  • Unified threat management

Infrastructure and Operations

Email is infrastructure that resides over the network; requires multiple levels of storage management; must interoperate with data center monitoring agents and so on.

  • Who owns the email environment?
  • New attitudes about open source
  • Email migrations
  • Architecture design
  • Service level agreements

CRM and Marketing

Deliverability, click-thru rates, quantifying and qualifying are all necessary to create an email marketing strategy that work. See how your campaign and strategies stack up to the leaders.

  • Email Strategy: What makes them click?
  • Creative: Top five ways to get them to act
  • Deliverability to the biggest ISP inboxes
  • Customer Retention: how to keep the ones you've got

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